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7 Inch Music Sessions (ajz009) FREE DOWNLOAD

7 Inch Music Sessions (ajz009) FREE DOWNLOAD

Straight-to-tape studio recordings in the 100 BPM range, get a taste of what this upcoming 7″ is all about. Download “Pretty Lady” now and keep a look out for the other two tracks releasing soon on vinyl…


about audioJazz

Sultry, deep vocals and jazz-influenced electronica mix to create the distinct and original sounds of audioJazz. Musicians Dirty Turk and K Koltz collaborate with Dj Bai-ee to create imaginative music, inspired by the dance music scenes of NYC and Chicago.

The trio has ties to New York and Oakland but came together in Chicago, bringing each of their distinctive influences to the group. The result is a diverse selection of house music sounds with an inclusive attitude, often featuring vocalists and musicians from across the country.
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